GLR Innovations

GLR Innovations is a worldwide supplier of specialty and research based chemicals , organics and building blocks. Our Range Includes Catalysts, carboxylic acids, boronic acids,nitrobenzenes, imidazoles, tetrahydropyrans, indoles ,oxindoles, anilines, thiazoles, pyrroles, pyridines . Product in stock can be shipped the same day whereas we fulfill our target of shipping products of our catalog within 7 days of placing order. We maintain stocks for many commonly used Sea Freight products. Any product in the catalog can also be offered in bulk quantities. This product list is best searchable

                    1. CAS Numbers
                    2. Product Name

However the most efficient way to search universally is by CAS numbers and we recommend the same. You can search products and send us enquiry form of your cart from the search section. We shall revert with stock position in shortest possible time.

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